THE ROYAL JACKETS is worldwide business, offers to sell all over the countries. The product takes 10 to 15 business day from process to shipment after payment clearance. When we ship your package, we will deliver you an email regarding your product shipping and tracking detail. But if, any delay happens with the timings and estimated duration crossed out then you can contact us via email for product inquiry with quick response. (Delayed might occur due to the quality checking or material shortage if any). However, shipping takes the time to deliver in some countries; it may take up to 20 working days or depend on the situation.


We provide free Shipping to Worldwide on our all products.


THE ROYAL JACKETS is an international concern and we are operating in several countries including U.S, U.K, Europe and Asian countries. It doesn’t matter from where your item is shipped, it always go through our quality control test and we stand behind our product completely. We do ship your order overseas to give you a quick delivery. If you’re unsatisfied with our product, you can easily claim after reading our Return and Exchange policy.